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Book Review: Zoo in the Sky

Cover of the book: Zoo in the Sky Zoo in the Sky: a Book of Animal Constellations, written by Jacqueline Mitton and illustrated by Christina Balit, is a very colourful and well-written book for young readers.

A few dominant animal constellations that can be seen from most areas of the Northern Hemisphere were selected for use. The colourful images of animals representing constellations draw the eye of youthful readers to the pages. Bright foil stars are accurately placed in the star patterns.

Information pertaining to the constellation is written in story form, a way for children to more easily understand. Parents can follow the pictures and the stories easily, as well. The information is accurate, and proper astronomical terms are utilised. In the back of Zoo in the Sky are star charts for the children to use when they are older and more interested in finding constellations in the night sky. The charts make the book a good sharing piece for siblings of all ages, as well as for adults.

I highly recommend Zoo in the Sky: a Book of Animal Constellations, not for the library at home, but for outside use of families who enjoy looking up at the night sky. The 32-pages of this book will keep families interested and informed as the children grow and learn more about constellations.

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Reviewer: Brenda Culbertson

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