Telescope Buyers' Frequently Asked Questions

Telescope FAQ Part One What is the single most important thing I should know before buying a telescope?
Recommendations for beginners
Telescope FAQ Part Two Telescope optics
Binoculars as an alternative
General truths when it comes to telescopes
What does your telescope say about you?
Telescope FAQ Part Three What about accessories?
What about observing skills?
Telescope FAQ Part Four What does all the jargon mean?
Telescope FAQ Part Five What are some good introductions to amateur astronomy?
What will I be able to see?
What company makes the best telescopes?
Which is the best telescope to buy?
Telescope FAQ Part Six Where do I buy my telescope?
What about building a telescope?
Telescope FAQ Part Seven Which is the best mount?
Binocular telescopes
What will I need?
Telescope FAQ Part Eight What are digital setting circles?
Telescope FAQ Part Nine Why should I start with binoculars?
How do I hold binoculars?
What books and star charts are recommended?
What about computer programs?

Purchasing Amateur Telescopes FAQ
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