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Second Interview with an Astronomy Author

Recent editions of Astronomy Today's Sky Guide have been updated with the use of Mr. Guy Ottewell's 2007 Astronomical Calendar. Thumbing through this excellent sky guide and educational tool, I wonder how I could ever do without it. I highly recommend it to all since not only does it contain monthly star maps, it also has yearly highlights, pertinent information on comets, occultations, and planets, all which inquiring minds are sure to find useful. Actually, the page on occultations is what brought it into my inquisitive hands. Mr. Ottewell has penned quite a few educational works through his Universal Workshop. (I think I want to purchase all of them!) In addition to astronomy, among his interests are poetry, history, and human rights.

"Writers and painters never retire!" is how the illustrious and adventurous Mr. Ottewell responded when asked how he finds the time to be such a prolific writer and publisher. His extensive travels and military service have taken him throughout Britain, Europe and the Middle East (Libya, Jordan and a summer job in Iran) and across the pond into the United States.

cover of the astronomical calendar book (And here, Mr. Ottewell interjects) "In California I learned astronomy a bit more scientifically."

LL: So what made you venture across the pond?

Guy: I got to the US because I was, at one stage, cataloguing books in Middle Eastern languages for the library of the University of Manchester, in England, and UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) offered me a job doing the same for their research library. I flipped to Los Angeles in the middle of the psychedelic era!

LL: Mr. Ottewell, you worked at a school for Navajo children in Arizona? That sounds quite interesting.

Guy: After about two years in Los Angeles, I hitchhiked out to the Navajo Reservation in Arizona and worked at a "Demonstration School" run by the Navajo.

LL: Gee, some people have all the luck! (Unfortunately hitchhiking is so much more dangerous than in the 60's and 70's that it's just not recommended these days.)

LL: So Guy, what did you do while living on the Navajo reservation?

Guy: I was running the library and doing other things, including learning Navajo star-lore. A teacher asked me to set up a telescope for the schoolchildren, which led me to investigate Navajo sky-lore.

LL: You were involved in more educational outreach on the east coast of the US, in South Carolina?

Guy: Yes, a Professor of physics asked me to show the stars to his students and that led to my starting the Astronomical Calendar which, in turn, led to being able to publish other things. The latest project I've finished (and am now wondering how to publish) is a novel about Berenice, she whose hair was cut off to become the constellation Coma Berenices.

LL: Well, you've done us all a favor by giving literary birth to your extensive work so far. Everyone must have a copy of your Astronomical Calendar!

Guy: What I've published is the tip of the iceberg of what I've done, but either not yet completed or not yet been able to publish.

LL: Mr. Guy Ottewell resides in Dorset in the United Kingdom and you can view some of his work, including his Calendar, by visiting: Universal Workshop.

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Author: Lydia Lousteaux

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