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Mon Jun 30, 2008 10:39 pm

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Einstein said Energy is equal to the mass times the speed of light squared, he qunatifed such a statement with such statements as
nothing can move faster than the speed of light etc.

He gave us an equation too


we can work this around:

0 = em (c*c)

-- = me

nothing over the speed of light equals me

me = nothing over the speed of light to the power of 2.

I am nothing in comparison to the power of light.

Just a thought, maybe he wasn't being so literal.


Wed Oct 14, 2009 9:42 am

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I have constructed a quantum gravitation mechanics.
I have determined its postulates as
1- The level of its constant is 1,47.10^(-52)
2- Its basic equation is a bihramonic complex differential equation
3- Probability function a bihramonic complex differential equation
4- The curve of space is a real biharmonic tensor function
5- Its measurement basic is on eigenvalue and eigen vectors.
I have written all equations as real and complex space.
Its equations are different than Schrodinger's Equations .
Because Schrodinger Equation is a harmonic equation.
Otherwise it has a curvature tensor function for curve space.
best regards
cebrail hasimi


Fri Oct 16, 2009 9:10 am

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blackholes are from the star's remains, right?


Fri Oct 16, 2009 9:25 am

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Black Holes are strong gravitational fields.Because they are orginating from any gravitational fields.They can be stars or different gravitational constructions.
The equations of Quantum Gravitation Mechanics show that black holes are originating from every gravitational fields.Their mass isn't important.They can come out everywhere and everytime.Because gravitational fields change always.
best regards
cebrail hasimi


Sat Nov 21, 2009 7:26 am

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Spin of Quantum Particle and Gravity Mass. (? !)

It is possible to say :
that Physicists agree that the state of spin exists -
but they don’t know what the cause of spin is.
=== .
Where does the ZERO-SPIN come from ?
Where does the Angular Momentum of the particle derive from?
Does the ZERO-SPIN hide into every particle or come outside?
Does the Angular Momentum of the particle ( h*) come outside?
And what is the cause of fluctuations ?
The particle’s movement is reason of a temperature and fluctuations.
Than quicker the particle’s movement - a temperature is higher.
The cause of fluctuations is Temperature. Only?
What is the reason of particle’s movement ?
Does the reason hide into every particle or the reason is outside ?
Is Mass a function of its temperature T and its speed only?

Can the cause of fluctuations be also a Spin ?
How can the Spin of Quantum Particle and the Temperature
of Gravity Mass live together?
=== .


Sat Nov 21, 2009 7:45 am

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=== .
=========== .


Tue Jul 20, 2010 7:01 am

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HI,Thank you for sharing your thoughts here.Talking about astronomy,There were lots of astronomers where in fame until now,they are the person who discover the different theories we are discussing in the classroom discussion.Love it!

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Fri Nov 12, 2010 5:59 pm

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Pfff I may sound very silly but then again ...

In my humble opinion, even theoretical physics should have some boundaries and scoping. If you cannot interact with something , or you cant observe its natural interaction with something else, you cant figure what that is because there is nothing there in the terms of your perception.

we must let an octopus or something living far away in different physical conditions , look at these matters. Smile However, since we cannot go there without taking the way in between and adapting the new conditions.

In my personal humble second opinion,

We might want to think about a way to find an environment to observe that mass appears from nowhere or light appears from nothing.

And when saying scoping , suppose that we figured out where vacuum come from and why it is there. So someone will certainly ask where the heck which creates vacuum comes from ..... ?

I want to know if this matrix is solvable ? is it positive definite ? Is there an absolute root of this cause and effect principle oriented defined so called universe or is it biverse ?

Then again I am so stupid to answer or understand many aspects of it Smile

but I like reading and I will be reading please think and write more btw socratus you seem really smart please enlighten me about these opinions I would like to correct non-analytic, poor imaginative ones.


Sat Nov 20, 2010 7:30 pm

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I am overwhelmed

well after reading all your views and discussions i am really overwhelmed.
It seems that all the guys posting their views over here belong to theoritical physics if i am not wrong.
I don't belong to that field right away but, i get fascinated as much as you guys do. So if i am wrong somewhere in the mathematical way, please do correct me. For my humble friend who was trying to create exceptions to the e=mcc equation , let me inform you that its quite true that he said that nothing can actually exceed the cosmic speed limit. In simple words one would need infinite amount of fuel to do so. As the mass of the object reaching the cosmic speed limit becomes infinite. On the basis of length contraction theory.

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