Identifying Earth's family (Saturn, Mars, Jupiter....)

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Sun Feb 27, 2011 7:40 pm

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Identifying Earth's family (Saturn, Mars, Jupiter....)

Hello Astronomers,

I am just getting into astrophotography and have already taken some images of our neighboring planets with my Nikon D60. The only one I know that I have named right for sure is Venus. If anyone has any help for me as to become aware of our neighbors' locations within the night sky it would be greatly appreciated. I know that Mercury is supposed to come up on the western horizon around March 8, and that Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Neptune, Uranus are out there, I just do not know which one is which. I think I can tell the difference between a planet and a star. The planets seem to be a little brighter as they are close to us. All of this beginner stuff regarding this solar system is where I want to start and become extremely familiar with. My camera or my current abilities do not take clear enough images that would allow me to compare in an astronomy book. The images I have so far are of spheres of differing colors from white to redish with no markings. Shocked


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