A different look at the big bang theory(A must read)

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A different look at the big bang theory(A must read)

A different look at the big bang theory
Part 1-The environment time clock (E.T.C)
1. In the beginning, before the universe came into being there was an object. How big it was, how small it was, nobody can tell because apart from that object there was nobody, no space, no time, no other object, there was nothing to measure it with or against it.Without any space beyond it,how can we say whether it was round or square or any shape,the best we can say it could be a singularity.

2. Within this object, time started moving and simultaneously the Big Bang also started, Initially time moved slowly and gradually picked up speed which it has been doing till now. The Big Bang was not an explosion it was an implosion. It could not have been an explosion, because there was nothing it could go out into, so it was an internal implosion. The movement of time created space. How did it create space?

3.To understand this let us imagine that there is a submarine travelling from Point A to Point B in deep waters. The captain in the submarine does not know the distance between the two, but he knows he is travelling at 10 miles per hour, so when his watch shows, it took 2 hours to reach point B,He knows the distance between Point A to Point B is 20 miles.Now suppose he travels from Point B to Point C,but again he does not know the distance between them,but the distance is still 20 miles.This time his watch moves faster so when he reaches Point C,his watch shows 4 hours have elapsed so he figures the distance between B to C is 40 miles.Let us go a step further,when he travels from Point C to D which is again 20 miles,his watch moves so fast that it shows 100 hours.Not only that his entire environment in the submarine also ages 100 hours i.e the crew actually feels that 100 hours have been elapsed. They move, rapidly get up, have breakfast, do their job,have lunch etc because the entire environment in the submarine including the submarine has aged 100 hours.The captain now calculates the distance from Point C to D as 1000 miles.We can go further to say the Environment Time Clock moves so fast that it shows a 1000 hours or 10000 hours or even more,this would create larger and larger distance,when actually there is no distance.This is how the environmental time clock creates distance/space between objects.Our environmental Time Clock is moving the fastest in the universe and when we see out into the universe every object planets,stars,galaxies have slower environmental time clock,the further we see,the galaxies have slowest environmental time clock.Itís the difference between this E.T.C and ours that creates the huge distances we notice.

4.Light does not move when we say it takes 8 minutes for the light from the sun to reach us actually itís the difference between the suns E.T.C and ours.Light does not move at the so called speed of light,therefore when we move toward light or away from light the so called speed of light remains constant because our movement is based on time,say x miles per hour,whereas light is independent of time.Any observer anywhere in the universe has the fastest E.T.C and the slowest E.T.C or nil E.T.C is at the beginning of the Big Bang.

5.There are 2 types of movements in the universe,one the Newtonian movement eg-planets around the sun,sun around the center of the milky way galaxy.The second movement maybe called the hubble movement which is discernible over vast distances like the fleeing galaxies this movement seems exceptionally fast,but is related to the difference in E.T.C between those fleeing galaxies and us.The further they are,they seem to be moving closer to the apparent speed of light which leads us to conclude that the Big Bang is at this apparent speed of light,so,we probably will never see it.

6.The question is how are we seeing galaxies when the universe was just 5% of what it is today.The light would have passed us long ago and they would have been beyond our event horizon,this not only leads us back to the difference in E.T.C it also suggests that the universe is static.Just suppose that our E.T.C clock moves faster so that 12 months are compressed into 6 months of today into 12 months of the future,which is bound to happen someday then the apparent speed of light will become double of todayís and the universe will appear twice the size,but the distance from the big bang will still be 13.7 billion light years so will the age of the universe be 13.7 billion years.On the other hand,way back when the universe was half itís size our E.T.C was much slower i.e half of what it is today and the apparent speed of light was also half,which means that if at that point somebody had calculated the distance to the Big Bang it would still have been 13.7 billion light years,so,also the age of the universe.To elaborate today we calculate the apparent speed of light as 186,000 miles per second,when the universe was half itís size the speed would be 93,000 miles per second,so,it would still take 13.7 billion light years to the Big Bang.

7.Incidently,I do not believe there is anything called dark energy,but there definitely could be dark matter or anti matter which controls and regulates galaxies and planetary systems.If we can capture even a speck of this matter,it could give us access to an amazing amount of energy.It could help us to fly,to create electricity,to move from place to place without emitting any polluting substances or gases The ultimate answer to our energy needs.

8.There is a lot of talk nowadays about the possibility of going back in time.I believe,it is possible, but the events of the past cannot be altered. How it is possible? Imagine that a highly advanced civilization is on a planet that is 100 light years away, an observer on this planet has a telescope which is so powerful that it can see our cities, offices, homes etc. As if he was right next to them, but obviously he cannot touch, hear or smell anything. Plus what he would be looking at would be where earth was a hundred years back. Another advanced being 200 light years away would see earth 200 years back and so on, because the history of earth is etched in space from the beginning till now. I believe in future, people on earth will be able to travel back in time and see our past exactly as it happened, but will totally be unable to effect any change whatsoever. The fact that we have never come across anyone from the future, speaks for itself.

9.Quantam Mechanics :- The E.T.C concept could help us understand the behavior of atomic and sub atomic particles as well, when one considers that these particles are moving or capable of moving near the apparent speed of light i.e. the faster they move the slower they get, their E.T.C would be quite different from the human observer and that light does not move.

10.Property of Light :- If an object could travel at the apparent speed of light, for it, time would come to a standstill, volume would reduce and mass would increase to infinity

Incidentally, what I have said above would hold true for any observer anywhere in the universe at any point of time.

Now, we would be grateful if people read this and think about what we have written, carefully and ask questions or give comments or suggestions.

Written by
Inder Mohan Sachdev and Grandson Sahir Sachdev

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