More pix from J.S.C. Tour

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Mon Nov 21, 2005 7:27 pm

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More pix from J.S.C. Tour

More pix from our J.S.C. tour from the Illustrious Mr Ed Knapton. These pix complement Randy's documentary of our tour.

Yes, there I am, no denying my presence. Whereas I ALMOST managed obscurity in the fore-mentioned group of photos, Ed caught me in several of his. I am not very photogenic, so try to hide when a camera is present.
(Image 12802 and 12833 - that strange blonde person.)


On Friday November 18, 2005, I toured the Johnson Space Center with 70 other lucky, and fun loving people from J.S.C.A.S.

Although I visit J.S.C. frequently, this tour was different in that we were able to visit areas inaccessible to the public.

I REALLY enjoyed thumbing through some of the original Gemini manuals.

Here's a summary of the Tour.
Thanks to Randy Brewer for documenting our tour.

J.S.C.A.S. Website


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