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Thu Feb 18, 2010 3:20 pm

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hello i have been working on a full-scale apollo C.M. GOING ON 11YRS NO AND ITS A HUGE UNDERTAKING ! anyway ive scraped up several technical drawings from nasa and was wondering if any of has more drawing out there thats not availible to joe public ? ive built the frame and floor outta laminated and painted plywoon cut fromm pattern jigs ive built myself it is goin to be a blockII spacecraft and hopefully will be able to be air tight and hold pressure . anyway ill post pictures as soon as i figure out how to post on the site ! also if you live near me joplin ,mo. im going to start a non-for profit org to get donations and volumteers to work on the thing ! then when completed will probably build a small museum around it ! Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool [/img]

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