Famous Eclipses in History

Solar and lunar eclipses have long fascinated us. Norma Reis introduces her series of articles on their influence in history.
Portrait photo of Norma Reis Norma T. O. Reis presents this series on eclipses throughout history. She is a specialist in educational affairs at the Brazilian Education Ministry, currently managing projects at its Secretariat of Distance Education. She is a pedagogue and graduated with an M.Sc. in Space Management from the ISU - International Space University, France. Norma carried out her masters' internship at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, completing two projects: "Eclipses through the Centuries", and "Pedagogical Analyses of Current Space Science Education Practices at NASA and the Brazilian Space Agency".
If you have any questions about these articles, you can contact Norma at: normareis@mec.gov.br.
Ancient Eclipses - Part One
From drunken royal astronomers in Ancient China to eclipses in Greek mythology.
Ancient Eclipses - Part Two
Eclipses at times of great stuggle: battles and the ancient olympics.
Ancient Eclipses - Part Three
Reported eclipses on the deaths of Emperor Augustus and Jesus of Nazareth.
Eclipses of the Middle Ages - Part One
Eclipses connected with Islam and early European rulers.
Eclipses of the Middle Ages - Part Two
What connects Henry the First, the 'Black Hour' and the Fall of Constantinople? Eclipses!
Eclipses of the Modern Era - Part One
Christopher Columbus and the use of the ability to predict eclipses to manipulate people. Plus Halley's Eclipse.
Eclipses of the Modern Era - Part Two
The eclipse that inspired a slave rebellion in America and the first observing expedition.
Eclipses of the Modern Era - Part Three
The Great Eclipse of 1878 in Wyoming and Colorado and General Gordon's bad luck.
Eclipses of the Modern Era - Part Four
Covering the confirmation Einstein's theory of General Relativity and observing an eclipse from space.


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