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Welcome to our cosmology section where we've got a great collection of articles about our Universe. How was it formed? What will happen to it? We also take a look at some of the weird and wonderful phenomena to be found in it such as black holes and pulsars!
Black Holes These fearsome, fallen stars pack a punch, just don't cross the event horizon!
Cepheid Variable Stars Astronomers use Cepheid Variables in order to determine the distances between other galaxies and the Milky Way.
Dark Matter Stars we can see, but all that we can see is not all that there is ...
Stellar Evolution Massive explosions, red giants, white dwarfs, black holes - no not Tolkien - but a star's life cycle!
Pulsars Students investigate pulsars: rapidly rotating stars.
Gravitational Waves Evidence of inflation at the time of the Big Bang can be seen in the cosmic microwave background.
Quantum Gravity Not yet observed in nature, quantum gravity is the long-sought missing link between Einstein's General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, the two incongruous pillars of modern physics. Gamma Ray bursts may hold the key.
X-Ray Background How can we detect this background radiation? Also, why should we? What clues does it offer?
Big Bang Brief intro to the most widely accepted version of events that closely followed the formation of our Universe.
Largest Structure in the Universe Scientists have found a Large Quasar Group (LQG) which is the largest known structure in the universe. This article explains LQGs and the implications for Einstein's Cosmological Principle.
String Theory At the cutting edge of theoretical physics, this theory tries to unravel the mysteries of sub-atomic forces and particles.
End of the Universe? Scientists studying the behavior of neutrinos (tiny particles), believe they can reveal the Universe's fate.
Gravity Journey to the Limits of Gravity, Space and Time NASA's Cosmic Journeys Missions
Quintessence Could this recently discovered force, quintessence, be accelerating the Universe's expansion?


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