Observing in Harsh Winter Conditions

Posted by BC on January 3rd, 2010

Many observers in the Northern Hemisphere are experiencing harsh winter weather. I know where I am, in the middle of continental USA, heavy snowfall and extremely low temperatures snow-on-trees.jpghave kept me inside most of the season. Our skies have been overcast, and the seasonal constellations have changed without me following them much.

If you are one of the people who have clear skies and can go out for observing, make sure you stay safe while out in the cold. Wear appropriate clothing and pay attention to what your systems tell you. If you are too cold, go in to warmer temperatures until you can go back out and not suffer. Play it smart and stay safe.

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Marc said,

Good points Brenda. The temperature in Ireland is consistently below zero (celsius). This ongoing cold period has been one of the harshest in decades. We’re just not used to it!

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