Video Documentary of STS-130 Launch

Posted by Lydia on February 22nd, 2010

Space Shuttle Over EarthHere is a very nice short video documentary (about ten minutes) in which you can actually see the heat buildup around the shuttle as it journeys out of the Earth’s atmosphere.

If you are wondering what that “flappy tape-like substance” is seen at around minute four of the video, the answer has been provided by Mr. Randy Moore of JCS: “that is the remains of kapton material that is installed over the ET (external tank) to Orbiter umbilical area. It’s known as umbilical purge barrier and is used to contain N2 purge of aft compartment and decrease ice buildup. The barrier blows off the Orbiter during the first minute of ascent. That piece of footage was actually from the 16mm film camera on STS-129.  The 130 film is not yet developed.

I am sure you will enjoy this short video documentary. The video was created by Mike Interbartolo, edited and produced by Davis Melendrez and compiled by the SE&I (Systems Engineering Integration) imagery team at Johnson Space Center documenting the STS-130 Ascent.

(Marc should also enjoy hearing the Irish ditty in the accompanying background music.) Video documentary of STS-130 Launch

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