Unexpected Discovery of Life

Posted by BC on March 18th, 2010

Alberto Behar and camera - NASA-JPL/Cal Tech/BeharA life form was recently discovered on a planet that has been studied for centuries. No, not Mars or Venus. The discovery was made here on Earth.

A small shrimp-like creature, a marine life called amphipod, was seen when scientists lowered a camera into an 8-inch hole in an Antarctic ice shelf. The scientists were studying the depletion of glacial ice, but they discovered a glint of color in the video feed. It turned out that the small creature was swimming in the freezing waters that filled the hole.

Glaciologists have seen sea life under the cold waters before, but this life form was new to them. If the shrimp-like creature can survive in -2 to 1 C temp waters on Earth, who is to say that life (as we know it) could not exist in the frigid fluids of the outer worlds?

See it for yourself: video of the 3-inch-long creature.

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casey said,


Aqua said,

Don’t you just love surprises? I am wondering whatever else might be down there under the antarctic ice?

Pradeep V R said,

Interesting!! Yet that creature may be endangered!

If its available more in number it can’t escape from our eyes for centuries!!

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