Only Total Lunar Eclipse for 2008

Posted by BC on February 15th, 2008

Lunar Eclipse 20 Feb 2008 - NASA You all probably know about the total lunar eclipse that is visible next week (20 Feb 2008). People who do not keep current on cool astronomy events are surprised when they hear that we will see the Moon covered by Earth’s shadow. I believe that it will be the only total lunar eclipse for this year, so it is important to go out and watch it, if your weather allows.

I tell people that they don’t have to come to the observatory, and that they can see it just as well from their own home, but they like to come and hang out with us. If you are going to view this eclipse, how do you plan to do it?

For details on timings, go to the NASA site.

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Marc said,

I’m afraid it was too cloudy here. Did anyone get a good view?

Brenda said,

We saw the partial up to totality, then the clouds came in and blocked it for the rest of the eclipse. We had around 100 people come out to join us, even though the temperature was very low.

Brenda said,

If you want to see what one online bog put out for an announcement for the lunar eclipse, go to this site http://blogs.cjonline.com/index.php?entry=6473

I have always wanted to do standup comedy.

Colin said,

I viewed the eclipse from last Wednesday from the roof of my apartment in Milwaukee. It was -3 but my room-mate and I braved the cold. Not a cloud in the whole sky, so I got to see the effect pretty well.

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