Summertime observing

Posted by BC on August 4th, 2009

The weather has been strange this summer, but some nights have given us excellent conditions for observing. Many people have gone to star parties, and others have taken what is known now as stay-cations, but those of us who enjoy the night sky have taken opportunities as they come.

A few nights ago, some of my friends came to my house for a dark sky observing session. They are from the city, where they don’t see many stars, but they saw the arm of the Milky Way in a way they don’t usually see. It spread from horizon to horizon, and many Messier Objects were visible with the naked eye. My friends were amazed at the sight. And when a Perseid fireball passed over, we were all in awe.

I suggest that everyone who has a chance to observe in the clear skies, take advantage of it and go to your favourite dark site. Just look up and soak it all in while the nights are warm. Before you know it the seasons will change.

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