Stories of Mars Sent to Mars

Posted by BC on June 2nd, 2008

martiancanals.jpg How would you like to read stories about Earth as told by some being from a different world? Would you like to know how beings from elsewhere perceive us? If you studied early history of any country or continent, you have an idea of how the stories would read. The perceptions would probably be full of misconceptions, such as Percival Lowell’s drawing of the Martian Canals (left). But a different planet?

Early writings about Mars, although fiction, have been sent for the Martian library … when one is set up. The stories are some of the works by Bradbury, Clarke, and Welles, as well as other items. A very long list of Earthling’s names has also been sent on the Phoenix. I can envision Marvin the Martian reclining in his chair, reading “War of the Worlds.”

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