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Posted by Kelly on September 29th, 2012

A Book about Weather on the Planets

Solar System Forecast in English and Spanish

My children’s book about weather on the planets, Solar System Forecast, was published recently by Sylvan Dell. As part of its launch, I’ve been visiting local schools and reading the book to students and then participating in a little Q&A time with them.

When I initially anticipated these visits, it was with a fair amount of anxiety. I have two children of my own, but large groups of children intimidate me. I have a quiet voice and thought that these kids could easily steamroll me. I started out talking to all second graders at the first school I visited and realized this is an excellent age group for such an activity. They listened quietly to the book and then asked such a range of questions, from the incredibly insightful to the adorably absurd, that the Q&A session quickly became my favorite part.

I then visited my children’s school for a week to read to all the students from four-year-old kindergarten up to fourth grade. I was a little worried again that perhaps the youngest students would be too restless to enjoy my visit or the oldest students would think they were beyond picture books, but they showed me I had nothing to fear. All the classes were great, with some really enthusiastic children who would have quizzed me all day if we’d have had the time. It was wonderful to share all the knowledge I accumulated over the past decades with eager learners. Plus they repeatedly surprised me with how much they already knew. Below are a few of their amazing and adorable comments and questions.

“How could a meteor hit Jupiter if it doesn’t have a surface?”

“Can photosynthesis happen on Mars?”

“Because the Sun is going to get big someday and stop working, can we replace it with a different star?”

“Which button do you push to go into space?”

“I once saw an inappropriate movie with aliens and my dad had to put his hands over my ears at some parts.”

“I heard about this meteor once that burned a forest in Russia.” [Tunguska]

“Someone told me that Pluto is going to hit Neptune.”

“If the Moon were knocked closer to Earth, would we have huge tidal waves?”

“The closest star to our Sun is Proxima Centauri.” [He was right!]

“The Voyager spacecraft are leaving the solar system.” [Also correct, from a second grader!]

“What end of the rockets land on Mars, the pointy end or the other end?”

Reading Solar System Forecast

Reading Solar System Forecast to School Kids

If you would like a copy of the book, you can find it at Amazon.com. It is available in hard cover, paperback, digital, and Spanish. Read it to some curious kids and see what questions arise!

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