Solar Cycle 24 Sunspots

Posted by BC on December 16th, 2009

Sunspot 1035 - Spaceweather.comSolar Cycle 24 has been slow to build up, but we now have more evidence of its increase in activity. Sunspot 1035 has been increasing in size over the past few days. 1035 had a long-duration C-4 flare resulting in a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) associated with it at 0120 16Dec2009 UT. The CME is sending material toward Earth, and high latitude observers may see auroral displays during the night of 18 December 2009.

Sunspot 1035 is now seven times the diameter of Earth and may grow to be the largest sunspot of the year. If you have a SAFE way to observe the sunspot, take a look and send us a short report. To keep up on current information and photos, go to spaceweather.com.

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BC said,

An auroral phenom associated with this CME occurred. Colliding aurorae provided some new data for scientists as well as some really cool views. Check it out

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