Solar Cycle 24 Perking Up

Posted by BC on October 26th, 2009

Sunspot 1029 - SOHO/MDI   Solar Cycle 24 has been very calm and mostly uneventful. We have seen one of the longest minimums in recorded history. And solar observers have not had much to report. This weekend, that all changed.

During Oct 23-25, Sunspot 1029 grew into quite a nice display. B- and C-Class flares associated with Sunspot 1029 could be seen, and the complex grew quickly. If the growth continues, Sunspot 1029 may become one of the largest, if not the largest, sunspot complex for the year.

The new solar activity also sparked auroral displays in high latitudes. All of the activity has piqued the interest of solar observers and aurora watchers.

One observer compiled video of the growth of the sunspot complex. To see the video and more photos and information, go to spaceweather.com.

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