Running a Million-Pound Radio Telescope is Childs Play

Posted by BC on September 24th, 2009

Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope - NASA    LCROSS will cause a missile impact in a lunar crater on 09 Oct 2009 (see previous post). Following LCROSS in the meantime to make sure all is going well is a task left up to space scientists. The task is generally not considered to be something left up to children to do, but in this case it is.

A group of students has taken over, with permission, the use of Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope (GAVRT) to follow LCROSS as their mission. The students are guided and mentored by adult scientists, but 38,000 students from 283 schools around the world are basically in control.

Student Scientists - photographer unknown    Students who are not even old enough to drive have participated in running GAVRT to aid NASA in data collection concerning the LCROSS mission. What’s in store after the lunar impact? The students plan to turn the radio telescope further outward. The plan is to search for extraterrestrial communications.

Your school, (public, private or home) might also participate in this project. Find out more.

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