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Posted by BC on June 30th, 2008

   I recently received a note from Manoj Pai, India, through one of the online groups. Manoj informed me that a famous science writer from that part of the world had passed away. Professor G.T. Narayana Rao wrote books on science and often wrote against the pseudo sciences, especially astrology. Since Manoj felt that the news was important enough to share with people in other countries, I thought I would pass some information and links to more.

   Rao will be missed in Kannada. He wrote science textbooks, science literature and articles for various publications. He also made presentations to the scientific community. Some links to his work and work about Prof. G.T. Narayano Rao were sent to me by Manoj Pai: “Four Honored with Doctorate“, an article in the Kannada language, “What the Stars Foretell for our Avivekanandas.”

   Not knowing the culture of India, I hope I wrote the above information appropriately.

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Gundu Rao said,

Just 20 days back i meet G.T.N sir in his home. He presented me his 4 books. Its very hard to believe that he is no more. I miss him a lot.

BC said,

When people who have left an impression on us pass on, we are left to carry on not so much their work, but their meaning.

Lt Gen BK Bopanna said,

In the passing away of Prof GT Narayana Rao,the country has lost an outstanding teacher who was a Role Model to many students like me.He took enormous interest in ‘grooming’ us beyond class hours,and never felt tired of narrating incidents from which we could draw useful lessons.Under his inspiring leadership as the NCC Officer in Madikeri(Coorg),many of us youngsters joined as cadets and were later commissioned as officers in the Army.He was a strict disciplinarian and took special pride in making us imbibe essential values and ethos which is what has made us what we are today.
Sir,we consider ourselves very privileged to have been associated with you.We pray for your soul to rest in peace.JAI HIND!

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