Perseid Meteors – Early Sightings

Posted by BC on August 2nd, 2008

Perseid Meteor - NASA   The Perseid Meteor Shower peaks on Tuesday morning (12 Aug), but it is already giving us a show. Last night (01/02 Aug) a couple of us were out looking at the sky when we saw several of the bright streaks in different areas of the sky. They were long tailed, but we did not see lingering vapor trails. The air was extremely humid, and only the brighter meteors could be seen.

If you are interested in viewing the shower, even if you do not see the peak, you should go out any night for the next two weeks and look up. Of course you will see many more if you observe when the Moon is not up, but those we saw last night would still have been seen with a Full Moon.

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rey said,

when are you sopose to be able to see mars. they told me it is in agosto. is it true you will be able to see it as if you were seing another moon. in ather words two moons in the sky. thank you in advance for your help

BC said,

Thanks for that question.

A hoax about seeing Mars as large as a Full Moon usually goes around the web this time of year. It has surfaced since 2003.

Do not look for Mars to ever appear as large as our Full Moon, as long as our orbits stay stable.

I believe Mars is too close to the Sun for us to see it right now, anyway.

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