Orion is Visible Again

Posted by Lydia on August 31st, 2008

Constellation of OrionYou know summer is over when Orion shows up in the early morning sky.

Last week at 6am I stepped outside my door with the dog and there he was, just over the trees in the eastern sky. Even though my area is having a few weather “issues”, as is common at this time of year, I am still anxious to know what I could see if the clouds and fog weren’t there. (We also encourage you to check out our Sky Guide!)

Pegasus is up in the east after dark. The Great Square has a lot to offer as a window into deep space, and Arcturus is bright in the west at about the same eye level as the Big Dipper. Jupiter’s Red Spot Transit occurs on the 5th about 8:30 CDT, and Venus, Mercury and Mars are closely situated from the 5th through mid September.

Unfortunately Saturn is lost to us at the moment, but there is so much to enjoy, as long as clear skies bless your evening.

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