North Pole Photo – Unreal

Posted by BC on August 15th, 2009

North Pole Fake Photo   This North Pole photo is going around the Internet. As with the “Mars As Big as a Full Moon” hoax, the North Pole photo is being believed by many people. A meteorologist at one of the television stations near me asked me about it before using it in a story. I am glad that he did.

The story is that this photo was taken at the North Pole in May of 2009. The thin crescent Moon was reported to be at perigee, and Sun could be seen between Moon and the horizon.

Even though the photo is pretty, it was not taken as one photo, and not at the North Pole, not on Earth, anyway. At Earth’s North Pole, the water is frozen (ripples can be seen in the photo). If the photo was one shot, the Moon and Sun would be the same apparent size, and for the crescent to be seen on Moon, Sun would have to be below the horizon. If you look closely, you will see the the Sun reflection is rippled, but the Moon reflection is not.

If we cannot stop the Mars hoax from coming around in various forms each year, I do not think that we can stop this North Pole photo from circulating, either. Just be aware, and let us know if any others come to you.

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newmind said,

unreal photo, reAlly looks amazing to bad its a hoax.

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