First Mosquito

Posted by BC on March 26th, 2008

Mosquito Last night (25 March) I was outside watching the triple pass of ATV, ISS, and the Shuttle as they crossed the southern sky. The night was warm and still enough, and I enjoyed the evening. I felt rejuvenated at the thought of warmer temperatures in which to open my observatory and do some casual observing. I missed observing this winter.

The thrill of seeing the triple pass was shared with my husband, and we stood for several minutes past the disappearance of the last element, just looking up at the sky. All was quiet until I heard a slap of a hand against the arm. The first mosquito of the season bit. Yes, spring is here.

I have used the fabric softener sheet in the pocket to ward off mosquitoes, but if you have a home remedy (non aerosol) to share, please post it as a comment. Mosquitoes are the plague of summer observing.

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Marc said,

No mosquito problem on this side of the world! 🙂

BC said,

I’ll trade places with you this summer. If you haven’t been in Kansas, USA, during a hot summer, you haven’t lived yet.

I don’t like using aerosols around my optics, so I try different things to keep the suckers away. I even tried eating mega doses of garlic, but that did not go too well. Vitamin B Complex is good, but it makes the skin smell odd. I guess that’s what keeps the bugs off.

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