Moon Meets Pleiades … Again

Posted by BC on April 4th, 2008

Pleiades Star Cluster - NASA For observers who have fair to good weather, another chance to view the Moon passing in front of the Pleiades Star Cluster occurs on Tuesday, April 08. This is a naked-eye event, but viewing through a telescope provides more stimulating events. The Moon is a fairly thin crescent, so more of the fainter members of the star cluster may be visible.

As the Moon moves between us and our view of the cluster, members of the Pleiades will appear to blink out as the lunar limb blocks their light. A good prediction list will allow observers to go from one occultation to another so that several may be seen. Another way to observe this event is to use a wide field lens so that several may be observed in the same field of view.

For a prediction list for individual locations go to the IOTA site and download the prediction software. More information may also be found at the NASA site.

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AstroGuyz.com » April 2008: News & Notes said,

[…] Pleiades Occultation: Mark your calendars; on the evening of April 8th, the three day old Moon will occult the Pleiades star cluster. The action begins about 09:30 EDT and lasts about two hours. This is […]

BC said,

Addition to the previous info:
go to spaceweather.com for more.

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