Posted by BC on October 5th, 2008

perseid meteor shower Have you been seeing meteors lately? Besides the sporadics, we have spotted meteors associated with any of several showers. In October we have the Draconids (7th & 8th) and the Orionids (20th & 21st). The Draconid peak is during First Quarter Moon, so its best to go out after moonset. The Oriond peak is during Last Quarter Moon, is best seen before moonrise.
During November we have the Taurids (Nov 3-5) and the Leonids (Nov 16-18). The Taurids peak around First Quarter Moon, and the Leonids peak between Full and Last Quarter.

The Geminids peak on Dec. 12-14, but Dec. 12 is Full Moon.

Since meteor showers show members at least two weeks before and after the peak, if the Moon phase hinders your view during the most intense time, you can still go out and view them earlier or later. The best place to watch meteors is, of course, at a remote, dark location.

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