New Lunar Lander Design

Posted by BC on October 16th, 2009

Lunar Lander - NASA   A new lunar lander design is being tested in one of NASA’s specially-built labs. This vehicle is being designed to land on worlds that do not have atmosphere, or have very little atmosphere. It can potentially be used on our Moon, other planets, large asteroids, and any place else NASA wants to land it.

How is it being tested, you might ask, since it is currently on Earth? The test model has an extra large thruster to cancel 5/6 of Earth’s gravity to simulate the gravity on the Moon. Other thrusters are used to practice lunar landing.

The thrusters will allow the craft to set down on other worlds, without using wings, parachutes, or other devices that require atmospheric resistance. The thruster gas is an amazing concoction of …get this … compressed air

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Steve said,

I noticed in the above article the MOON is referred to by the term ” ours ” has the moon already been claimed by a nation or annexed in as a claimed planet by any one nation who is ours referring too ?

BC said,


Thank you for pointing out my word choice. I used “our” in reference to Earth. I should have written either “Earth’s moon” or just “Moon”. I wanted to differentiate Moon (Earth’s moon) from the other moons in “our” Solar System.

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