Launch number 50 for Ariane 5

Posted by Marc on May 22nd, 2010

The Ariane 5 successfully completed launch number 50 from French Guiana yesterday. We profiled the Ariane 5 a while back and expected big things from ESA’s flagship rocket. Despite an ill-fated first launch, it has played a large role in space exploration. ¬†Although mainly used for placing telecommunications satellites into orbit, the Ariane 5 has launched important missions such as the Rosetta comet exploring spacecraft.

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Dale Jacobs said,

The Ariane 5 is an incredible rocket! Are there still plans to make it a ‘man rated vehicle’? aka the CTV (Crew Transfer Vehicle) variant of the ATV. Presumably the worldwide economic downturn has interfered with those plans? Or is ESA pressing ahead?

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