It’s India’s “Lunar Year”!

Posted by Lydia on October 23rd, 2008

Indian Space AgencyThe Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is now a worthy member of Earth’s space exploration programme and “space competitive industry”, proving this by launching Chandrayaan-1, which successfully departed Earth’s orbit yesterday commencing a two year lunar exploration mission. One of India’s newspapers titled The Hindu stated “the mission would catch the imagination of young Indian men and women who are to become tomorrow’s pool of talented scientists, the lifeblood of such programmes”. This launch is a mere first in a list of objectives the ISRO has in mind for the future, including missions to study asteroids, comets, Mars and the Sun. Several instruments aboard Chandrayaan-1 were manufactured by the European Space Agency, NASA, and Bulgaria. One of the goals of the mission is possibly to find out more about the Helium-3, a rare source of nuclear energy.

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