Glissade, Erytheia or Virgil?

Posted by Marc on July 4th, 2010

Giving a name to minor planet XWith the very real possibility of new minor planets being discovered within our solar system, it’s only prudent to have some names ready to call them. So three lucky children who won the Naming X competition may follow in the footsteps of the 11-year old Venetia Burnee who first suggested the name Pluto for (what was then) the ninth planet. Glissade, Erytheia and Virgil were the winning entries. As the competition was endorsed by the International Astronomical Union’s (IAU) Committee for Small Body Nomenclature it’s likely the we may soon by adding one of these names to our astronomy atlases.

In fact, naming of planets has always attracted controversy: Uranus narrowly avoided being called after King George III and Eris was nicknamed Xena before the IAU stepped in to name it. So, this open competition is a welcome way of determining what a new minor planet should be named.

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Jill said,

I am so proud of my 10 year old daughter, Erica. She submitted the name Glissade. Winning this competition is a great honor for her and our family.

Alice Duncan said,

We are also proud of Erica, our grandchild, and the runner up, Brenden, our grandson and Erica’s brother. All members our family are very proud too.

Lydia said,

We are proud of them too. ☺

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