Engineering Snags Aboard the ISS

Posted by Lydia on February 13th, 2010

sts130-crew.jpgOops! (Houston, we have a problem.)

STS-130 crew flying high and proud aboard Space Shuttle Endeavor docked with the ISS Friday and went right to work attempting to install a cover between Tranquility and the observation deck.

Unfortunately it seems the presence of a metal piece is not allowing the metal bars to lock. The cover is of extreme importance as it will protect Tranquility’s seals and docking mechanisms from the cold.

On the ISS team’s agenda is the task of hooking up exterior fluid lines and configuring spacewalk tools in addition to resolving a minor issue with the power supply.

They will also install a seven-windowed cupola which will be used as a robotics control room. The STS-130 highly experienced crew consists of Commander George Zamka (piloted STS-120), Pilot Terry Virts (on his first trip into space ), Mission Specialists Nicholas Patrick(from the U.K., flew as mission specialist aboard STS-116),  Robert Behnkenl (flew as mission specialist aboard STS-123), Kathryn Hire (served as Mission Specialist aboard STS-90) and Stephen Robinson (STS-85, STS-95 and STS-114).

There are only four launches pending before the Shuttle fleet is retired.

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