Posted by BC on March 9th, 2010

ClockDaylight Saving Time begins again on Sunday (14 March 2010). “Spring forward” is the phrase being shared all across the parts of the world where DST is practiced.

Seventy countries practice DST, which originated with Benjamin Franklin in 1784. The idea was that people who rose before sunrise used more electricity in the morning than they would if they rose an hour later in the summer. So, the hour hand on the clocks are shifted forward an hour in the spring and shifted back an hour in the fall.

I personally always thought the phrase “daylight saving” was an odd one. We have the same hours of light, no matter where the clock is set. We could set the hands anywhere, and we would still have the same amount of daylight as usual. Instead of shifting the hands on the clock to cause so many people to climb out of bed earlier and be grumpy in the mornings for weeks at a time, why not jut convert to Universal Time and leave it there?

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