Discovery Returns Today 10:15am CDT

Posted by Lydia on June 14th, 2008

Landing of the DiscoveryDiscovery returns today after a successful 14 day mission to install the Japanese Pressurized Module (JPM) and Kibo’s robotic arm system. Kibo’s logistics module was moved from the Harmony node to the JPM. Having delivered Greg Chamitoff, Discovery returns with Garrett Reisman who was working aboard the Space Station for the past three months. Discovery has two windows of opportunity to land today … The first at 10:15 am CDT and the second at 11:50 am CDT. After passing medical review, the STS-124 crew will hold a press conference around 3:15 CDT.

We’ll be watching!

Update 10:17 am: They’re home safe and sound ! Another historic and successful landing after 13 days 18hours 14 minutes from earth departure. Space Station inhabitants were also able to observe Discovery’s landing by automatic uploaded video streaming.

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