Daytime Astronomical Event

Posted by BC on February 29th, 2008

occultjupiter.jpg Sometimes we miss out on celestial events because they occur during our daytime. On March 5th, 2008 an event will take place during the daytime that is possible to observe. Venus will disappear behind the bright lunar limb around 20:00 UT and reappear at the dark limb around 21:00 UT. For exact times for locations in central and western North and South Americas, go to the IOTA prediction site.

Conditions have to be excellent for the thin crescent Moon and Venus to show through the daytime glow. I plan to use the digital video system I use for recording occultations. I have recorded daytime lunar occultations of Saturn and Jupiter, so I feel confident that I can record the occultation of Venus, as bright as it is. Let me know if you see, photograph, or otherwise record this event. We can compare notes.

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