Editorial: Dancing Astronaut

Posted by BC on March 3rd, 2010

Buzz Aldrin - ABC.com Ashly CostaThe second human to set foot on the Moon is going to appear on Dancing with the Stars, a (somewhat) popular “reality” television show in the USA. Buzz Aldrin, 80 years old, is going to be a contestant on the show.

I had a hard time believing it when I heard it, thinking that “it must be a different Buzz Aldrin!” I had to search online to confirm what I had heard.

One question comes to my mind …”why?” A comment he made during an interview with Zap2it, according to Smithsonian.com, might help to answer that question: “Living on Air Force retirement and Social Security, I’m forced to go out and sing for my supper quite a bit.”

It is regrettable that a national hero feels the pinch to the extent that he participates in a show that he might not otherwise have considered.

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Aqua said,

HIT IT twinkle-toes! We know you can ‘moon-walk’?

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