Coronal Hole

Posted by BC on August 6th, 2009

coronalhole_soho_163.jpg   Sun has been quiet for much longer than expected. This is the 27th consecutive day without sunspots. A major sunspot developed last month, and it made Sun watchers very happy, but the quiet state redeveloped.

The current state of Sun shows a coronal hole faced toward Earth. According to spaceweather.com, Earth’s geomagnetic activity has increased (06Aug2009), and high latitudes may be in for a treat in the form of aurora. The lunar phase is just past Full, so the bright moonlight may wash out any faint displays that may show.

We aurora watchers have hopes for stronger activity to develop, and for the dancing curtains of light to reach us, wherever we are.

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billy said,

are there any explanations for why the sun isnt producing any sun spots could it be maybe it is nearing the end of its cycle?

BC said,

A large sunspot complex was see in July, but it subsided. Sun is in the longest lull of the century. Extra long minimums occur every now and then, but it is nothing unusual over the lifetime of our sun.

newmind said,

is the sun condensing its energ for something bigger?

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