Comet Holmes Still Visible

Posted by BC on March 7th, 2008

Comet Holmes and the California Nebula Comet Holmes was quite the sight a few months ago. It grew in brightness extremely fast, making it a real treat for comet observers. Astronomers observed and photographed the quick-growing, and quick-dimming, coma for a long time. Comet Holmes is still visible, if you know where to look. Holmes now lies (line of sight) close to the California Nebula in the constellation Perseus.

Comet Holmes is 20 light seconds in diameter and is actually beyond the orbit of Mars. Since the comet diminished in brightness, not much has been written or discussed about it, but a few observers have been following it on its journey back to the outer regions of our Solar System.

For a really cool picture of the comet with the nebula, go to the Astronomy Picture of the Day: Comet Holmes.

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Karta Laksana said,

I am interested at the Astronomy. Is there a danger of that Comet for our planet Earth ? How can I see with bare eyes at the comet ? I have no telescope but I really pry to study profound about the Astronomy. I have no book concerning of that. Thank you very much. If there’s a danger please foretell and announce to the world.

Marc said,

The comet is of no danger to us down here on Earth! If you don’t have a telescope, binoculars are a relatively inexpensive alternative.

BC said,

Comet Holmes is pretty faint now. It isn’t naked eye visible, and is very difficult to see in binoculars. I agree with Marc that binoculars are a relatively inexpensive alternative to a telescope. Some binoculars are better for observing particular objects than a telescope is, so I, too, recommend observers own a pair.

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