Comet Boattini (C/2007 W1

Posted by Lydia on May 17th, 2008

Our Southern Hemisphere observers have an opportunity to view tailless Comet Boattini (C/2007 W1), discovered last November, located low in the western sky in the constellation of Hydra. However, next week will provide a better view in a moonless sky …

Do not confuse this comet with another fainter Comet Boattini in Vulpecula ( C/2008 J1).

Boattini (C/2007 W1) will pass through Canus Major from June 6 through the 16th.

It enters the morning sky on June 15th, and will reach perihelion on June 24, 2008, only 0.85 a.u. from the Sun (0.24 a.u. from Earth). This comet will become visible to Northern Hemisphere observers in July where we will be able to locate it in Cetus at an 8th magnitude observing target.

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