Change of Seasons

Posted by BC on October 16th, 2009

   The change of seasons is obvious, at least where I live. In the middle of the USA, the seasonal change has been a record-breaker. My view of Sun has been cut off for what seems like months, although it has really been more like a week. Our skies have been extremely cloudy, and rain has come in the form of heavy mist. Our high temperatures have been the lowest on record for the date. What is going on with the weather?

Last night (16Oct2009) a hole in the clouds opened up, and I could see part of the winter arm of the Milky Way. The stars looked like they were glimmering diamonds embedded in some of the blackest velvet I have ever seen. Although I was looking through a partial clearing in the clouds, I could also see Pleiades Star Cluster, which meant that I have missed the changing of the constellation season.

Changing of the seasons does not only mean different weather patterns here on Earth. It also means a change in what we see in the sky. That is if we can find a nice, clear night.

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Ilker said,

Very cool, Jim! I used to be more of an amateur artmonosy buff myself back when I was in Minnesota. The problem in Alaska is that when the weather is good, it is never dark enough; when the skies are dark, it can be very cold. Not an ideal situation. New Mexico seems perfect. Anyway, great Chaco Canyon shots!

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