Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Lunar Landing

Posted by Lydia on July 17th, 2009

Leaving the EagleWe celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Lunar Landing which was quite an accomplishment considering the technology available at the time. You may wish to listen and watch a re-enactment of the lunar landing with “We Choose the Moon“, from the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. To test your Apollo 11 knowledge we’ve posted some trivia questions after the jump:

Do you know?

What was the launch date for Apollo 11?

What was the actual date of the Lunar Landing?

Which American president vowed to put Americans on the moon before the end of the decade.

Who was the first American president to speak to Neil Armstrong “Earth to Lunar Surface”?

What was the first word Neil Armstrong spoke from the Moon? The first full sentence?

How many astronauts actually walked on the moon? Can you list the members of this exclusive original moonwalker’s club? How many are still living?

Who is the only Texan who has moondust on his boots?

Who was the Mission Control Voice for Apollo 11?

Apollo 11 was majestically propelled into space atop a (choose the correct answer) Gemini V Rocket or Saturn V Rocket.

On return to Earth, where did the Apollo 11 crew land?

Who photographed the famous “Earthrise” image?

The Apollo 11 crew and experiments were quarantined on return in case they brought back any noxious space germs. (True or False?)

More trivia questions coming soon.

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