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Posted by Kelly on March 25th, 2012

Jupiter and Venus together in the night time skyWinter is a decidedly cloudy season where I live. I check my calendar and planetarium software and write about all kinds of great observing opportunities in winter, but in reality I don’t get to see an awful lot of them myself. The clouds steal much of the winter evenings, and on those evenings when it is clear, it is generally downright cold.

Venus went visiting the solar system in the beginning of the year, stopping by Neptune in January (cloudy) and Uranus in February (cloudy). But in March when Venus and Jupiter made their fair pairing, the skies were ready. I captured a decent photo of the two brightest planets as they mingled in the west (see left). The next night they were lined up perfectly side by side, and I went in to get my telescope ready to see each planet up close. Five minutes later, as I was lugging my 8-inch scope through the doorway, I looked out to see the clouds had once again drawn a curtain across the sky.

But each day gets better in spring, both cloud-wise and temperature-wise. And I’m happy to give up my chances at the Venus/Neptune and Venus/Uranus pairings if it means clear skies for the solar eclipse and Venus transit in May and June. Stay tuned …

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Paul Gallant said,

Nice photos,

I was wondering where on the planet you live, as in one of your post, you were talking about the constant cloud cover. I will be having an image posted at sometime and I too rarely get to see the skies, but when I did I saw Venus through all the city lights and it came out on my cell phone. I was shocked and sent it right in.

But the question still remains are you near Montreal Canada or are you in Scotland where you don’t see the sky much either? Just curious as your skies look like almost the same latitude maybe a little lower on the map than Montreal, acording to the time signature of the evenng sky and the hieght of the stars.


Kelly said,

The image was taken near Milwaukee, WI.

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