Awakening Sun

Posted by BC on October 12th, 2008

Sunspot1005 - SOHO/MIDI   The Sun has been through a long quiet spell. The solar activity has been low, and some scientists speculated that we may be in another extended minimum.The fears of those scientists have been alleviated.

The wait for solar activity may be over. Sunspots have recently shown themselves, and the solar wind has picked up speed. An aurora alert went out for high latitude observers, and on 11 Oct, and the observers were not disappointed. Photographs are posted at spaceweather.com, and you may see for yourself what high latitudes were treated to last night.

If you have the right equipment for safe solar observing, you might go out and give a look at the new sunspot complex. Perhaps the Sun will give us more to view as the days go on, and maybe we will also have more aurorae to fascinate us.

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elena said,

beautiful picture,,,nice shot.

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