ATLANTIS – Perfect Landing in Florida

Posted by Lydia on November 27th, 2009

ATLANTIS LANDINGAtlantis makes another perfect and spectacularly gorgeous landing on Kennedy Space Center’s Runway 33, coming in by the Gulf of Mexico, and over the Yucatan Peninsula, at Mach 6 speed on a clear Floridian morning. It’s an exciting moment indeed as human eyes discern the first point of a silvery white, fuzzy light in the sky slowly becoming more defined as the Shuttle landing (at over 330mph).Having transported tons of supplies to the ISS, this is the last time the Shuttle will be returning with a crew member from the Space Station as the Shuttle is to be retired in 2010. The cargo bay returned home empty this time from Atlantis’s 10 day, 19 hour mission to the ISS. Welcome home space travellers!

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