Astronomers Without Borders Remote Observing Session

Posted by Lydia on January 6th, 2010

Firstly, I’d like to wish everyone a peaceful, pleasant, and successful 2010 accompanied nightly by dark skies and excellent observing conditions! But as the weather this time of year does not lend to much observing, you may be interested in this note I received from Thilina Heenatigala of Astronomers Without Borders about an online observing session.  LL/Greetings all,Many of you may not have seen some of the beautiful celestial objects in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, depending on where you live. To make it possible to witness these beauties, Astronomers Without Borders has organized a remote observing session – Big Dipper to Southern Cross (BDSC). There will be two telescopes from both hemispheres bringing you the opportunity to see the celestial objects.Northern Hemisphere: Virtual Telescope (Italy) Virtual Telescope from Italy will broadcast images and narrative live, allowing people around the world to share in viewing and imaging the best northern celestial objects. Date – Friday 8th of January 2010. Time: 20:00 UT – 22:00 UTSouthern Hemisphere: GRAS (Australia) The brilliance and special objects of the southern sky will be captured by the GRAS Remote Telescope in Southern Australia. Date: Sunday 10th of January 2010. Time: 12:30UT – 14:30 UTFor more information, please go to: this site. I hope all of you can attend and please feel free to share the news with your groups and friends. Also, you are more than welcome to reproduce the event information in your website, blog or tweet about it. Hope to see you all for this Global experience!Cheers!Thilina Heenatigala,Global Network of Leaders – Astronomers Without Borders

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Thilina Heenatigala said,

thanks for posting this! Clear Skies!

anna said,

I born in Iran but i’m from Universe !!!
I liked your site ..so thankful

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