Apollo 13 In The News Again

Posted by BC on April 1st, 2010

Apollo 13 Astronauts - APOn April 10, two of the original members of the Apollo 13 crew will be at Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex. During Astronaut Encounter, Astronauts Jim Lovell and Fred Haise will tell stories about their Apollo 13 experiences. Some of the stories include tales of the explosion that occurred en route to Moon, using the lunar module as a lifeboat, and traveling around the lunar dark side.

If any of you are fortunate enough to go to the 40th anniversary of Apollo 13 mission, please send a report to us.

In the photo L to R: Jim Lovell, John Swigert, and Fred Haise.

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Alicia said,

OMG! I wish I could go!!!!!

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