Apollo 13 and Mercury 6 brought to life

Posted by Marc on December 19th, 2010

Control RoomWhile images of space have always dazzled us, Spacelog aims to bring space exploration to life through words. This new project presents the Apollo 13 and Mercury 6 mission transcripts in a highly readable form. Images from the missions are interspersed throughout the dialogue between the astronauts and mission control. The transcripts are easily navigable: you can dip in and out of them or indeed just jump directly to, for example, a most dramatic moment, a lighter moment or the sentence encapsulating John Glenn’s orbit.

Spending some time on this website demonstrates that when it comes to these missions, particularly Apollo 13, the detail and the broader context are inseparable. Well done to Spacelog’s designers who built the whole website from scratch in under a week! They have plans to extend it to cover Gemini 7, Apollo 8 and Apollo 11. We’re looking forward to these additions.

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Chepe said,

Such a great website. . congrats to spacelog :)

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