Annular Solar Eclipse – 15Jan2010

Posted by BC on January 15th, 2010

Annular Solar Eclipse - 15Jan2010 - NASAObservers in the line from Africa to the Indian Ocean to eastern Asia are in for a great experience tomorrow (15Jan2010) 0500 to 0900 UT. Of course you should know about this by now, so you are probably already in position and prepared to participate in the experience of the annular solar eclipse.

An annular eclipse is different from a total eclipse in this way: Viewing an annular eclipse from the center line provides a “ring of fire” as Moon and Sun line up in a direct line of sight from the observer. When Moon is at or near apogee during an eclipse, it appears smaller than Sun, hence, the lunar disc does not obscure the whole sight of the solar disc. A total solar eclipse occurs when Moon is at or near perigee, when the lunar disc appears larger and obscures the view of the whole solar disc as observed from Earth.

Any solar eclipse is an experience to have. A video preview and more information are available online.

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BC said,

Some photos of the eclipse: http://spaceweather.com/eclipses/gallery_15jan10_page4.htm

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