2012 Hoax

Posted by BC on October 18th, 2009

I know that I have been asked many times about Earth destruction in 2012. I have heard many reasons for the question. The one I’ve heard most is something about the Aztec (or Inca) calendar not going past a certain date equivalent to some date in 2012. There is also interest in the winter solstice of that year. A fictional planet is mentioned to collide with Earth, too. Many other theories, all unsubstantiated scientifically, have been mentioned.

It seems like cosmic doom cries come around at least once a year, and other hoaxes are frequently passed around. Just look at the Mars Hoax that has returned each summer since 2003. Since the general public does not follow astronomical events, most do not know that the information is unfounded. Members of the astronomical community try to calm the nerves of those fall prey to the hoaxes, but with the World Wide Web being such a good medium, hoaxes continue to thrive and circulate.

The term “cosmophobia”, the fear of the cosmos, is in circulation now, right along with the new cosmic hoax. To read more about the 2012 Hoax and more about cosmophobia, read the article published by Astronomical Society of the Pacific, entitled “No Doomsday in 2012: But Lots of Profits for Purveyors of Doom

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Jordan Fifer said,

I have to agree on this, especially since evidence from ancient civilizations has been presented before. Honestly, I don’t know too much about Astronomy, but I am certain that the probability of any interplanetary collision is as unlikely as the Earth just spontaniously exploding.

BC said,

Thanks, Jordan, for your comment.

Many astronomy hoaxes cause mass confusion for the public, since most of the people do not know much about physics and/or astronomy. Those, like yourself, who stop and think about cause and effect, are less likely to be taken in.

I will probably watch the movie when it airs, just so that I can help to “debunk the gunk” that the movie may present.


Mimi said,

Lets face it, there are people who are willing to believe anything. BUT I’m sure that your time would be better spent focusing on anything other than wasting your hours of your time watching and then debunking a movie that was created only for the purposes of entertainment. The producers, writers and actors of 2012 are not claiming that their movie is something that is actually going to happen (no more than Volcano producers actually believed that the hidden LA volcano was going to explode and eat the city with magma that defies all known properties of magma flow in the 90s).
If 2012 was being presented as a document. film and trying to warp science to fit their own aimes then it could be your time to analayze and find the flaws in their logic and science. As that is not what is happening here, grab some popcorn, enjoy the make believe mayham and leave the theater giggling at the freaked out sheep that surround. And then grab a telescope, find a dark place and enjoy the reality that truely we have no idea what space has in store for us. And even if we knew, there’s nothing we could do about it.
Unless that one guy has finished the earth rocket that will move us out of the path of the space rock and then knock us out of our orbit sending us wandering into space until we hit the sun or travel far enough to freeze to death;)

Jleigh said,

So I went and actually watched the movie. Not so much to study it or pay attention to its claims but more to see the special effects. I must admit though that 25 min into the movie I could not help but see the flaws in the logic. Some where minor (like the weather of yellowstone during the Winter Solstice, there is no way you would be out there in shorts) to trains flying through the air to the tectonic plates moving over a thousand miles in less then a couple of hours, with people still able to stand and only the oceans moving (anyone ever hear of conservation of momentum)
Mimi was right though.. if it happens it happens, nothing we can do about it.

BC said,

I think that I’ll watch this movie in January of 2013.

Manuel said,

You really have to learn the history before speaking of this so-called “event.” It’s neither the Aztec nor the Inca whose calndar predicts this, but the Mayan calendar.
Even then, the calendar does not predict the end of the world, but the end of a cycle, much like the end of the year for us and the beginning of a new year.

2012hoax said,

Readers of this article may also be interested in 2012hoax.org

william said,

listen i am 15 and ya it seems kinda odd i should say anything about this matter but i think the government or somebody should just end the hoax some how because i think those people building bunkers for it are crazy they strike fear into the hearts of the their children for god sakes man its messed up but they have there opinion it scared them and they went to it so here it is it wont happen the Mayan calendar is simply restarting it is like our new beginning of the year except they do it in cycles and this is the 5 i believe but there isn’t much i can say or do to calm those doomsayers down but that there option to think such foolishness thank you and hope you all laughing after the days they say it will end…..idiotic doomsayers retards personal

omegafold said,

I find it absolutely comical that the most amazing evidences in the history of earth have been overlooked by the mass media, because they’re too afraid to believe that things might change. Jack Custow (don’t know if I spelled that right) took core samples of the ocean floor around the globe, thousands of them, to discover that earth had a different spin axis just 13,000 years ago. The evidence was clamshell clumping. Certain clams clump in spiral formations clockwise or anti-clockwise, or no spiral at all, depending on what side of the physical equator they lived on. This has nothing to do with the magnetic poles, that part is well established. What was more amazing is that every 13,000 years, earth spin axis changes. This evidence has been shunned, but will never disappear. It agrees with things like the plants found in the grand canyon shadow walls , these fossils grew 13,000 years ago, and could have only survived in direct sunlight. There are many other proofs of the cycle, too many to name perhaps.

joseph said,

hey guys, im 15 years old also…and i have something to say, someone in high authority should step up NOW and stop this hoax because guess what… people are wondering oh no are childrens’ scores are dropping…or this districts scores dropped dramatically or this country’s academic scores period have dropped dramatically…well can we get a record of when this started happening because i can guarantee it is from this hoax of 2012 world is ending you know what i really doubt it is…but if it was why didn’t the a**holes keep it to themselves instead of making people, especially children, sleep at night thinking about their lives ending sooner then expected because of some dumb theory that was just thrown out there i mean really? get some courtesy people your not the only one living on this planet…i don’t think there is any better explanation to the drop in academic scores other then the bringing up of 2012 and creating this idea to run through us kids and even many adults heads.

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