Sticky: Meteor Showers in 2008

Posted by Lydia on December 27th, 2007

Bright shooting star in the midst of a meteor showerTo help you plan your observing sessions we’ve listed the dates and details of the prominent meteor showers over the coming year.

Quadrantids – January 4, 2008, around 1a.m. CST:
There is a possibility of 100 meteors an hour streaming from the area of northern Boötes. Luckily moonlight will not interfere this year.

Lyrids – April 22, 2008:
Meteors streaming from the Hercules-Lyra border will unfortunately be washed out by the full moon.

The Eta Aquarids – May 5, 2008:
An easy one to catch this year for observers in both northern and southern hemispheres, since the moon will be out of the way. Look toward Aquarius for a possibility of at least 20 meteors per hour.

The Delta Aquarids – July 29, 2008:
As the radiant is located below the celestial equator, observers located in the Southern Hemisphere have the best view. Those of us located in the Northern Hemisphere should be able to observe at least 20 meteors per hour without Luna interfering.

The Perseids – August 12, 2008:
Look toward the Double Cluster in Perseus after midnight CST, for a good show this year (about 60 meteors per hour).

The Orionids – October 21, 2008:
Although we may get interference from the waning moon, the prediction is 10 to 15 meteors per hour from the area around Betelgeuse.

The Leonids – November 17, 2008:
Alas, my favorite meteor shower will be weak this year, in addition to being washed out by moonlight.

The Geminids – December 14, 2008:
Usually one of the year’s best meteor showers, this year a full moon will spoil it for us.

(Note: the day mentioned is not the only day the shower is active but rather the shower’s peak date and time.)

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